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Team fundraising events are a key part of any sports teams success. We help you enable features on your website that help you realize that success.
Display the fundraiser attract
Dance Team Athletes & Parents

The fundraiser menu is designed to be the initial starting point listing all of the supporting activities for your fundraiser.  The page typically features several icons that identify and direct the team members and athletes where to navigate to on the website.

This example has a section for the team athletes to access information that will support the selling of ad space. In addition, there are other sections ranging from booster parent sign ups to volunteer for key roles during the event, to contributing food for the athletes and parents during the event.

Introductions, instructions, handout forms, and other relevant information can be uploaded to the website so that the athletes/booster parents can download a consistent set of documentation for the fundraiser and print it if necessary. The information is of course available 24x7 so access is as convenient as possible. This makes moving the responsibility of the fundraiser to the next person easier for the same event the following year.

In lieu of routing a paper form for volunteers to sign up, you can use our online forms that are customized to meet your needs to support your event.  For repeat events, we can store the form in a template format so that it can be reused on demand. These forms can be customized to include as many fields as you need.

We offer this very simple sign-up form for events that require volunteers to contribute items.

The fundraiser attract is an optional feature that can be added to your website.  Animated graphics are a fun way to promote the online presence of your fundraising event as it is typically the first image your site visitors will encounter when they look for information on the fundraiser.

We can create virtually any animated graphics ranging from very simplistic inexpensive graphics to those that are more complex.  Contact us for a free quote to add an attract to your fundraiser.

This form is an example that was customized to provide fundraiser progress tracking activity for each team member. Each member is required to input their progress and status periodically so that the fundraising event coordinator can determine if the activities are on track. This makes the fundraising event coordinator’s job much easier to manage.

Many sports teams host competitive events and invitationals. To reduce turnaround time and postage, we offer custom forms for visiting teams to register online.  When a visitor to your site clicks on the forms “submit” button, an email with the registration contents is automatically sent to the responsible party that will take action on that information.