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We offer a range of options for displaying photos and video. If your team has a limited need for photos and video we provide integrated web pages that will display albums of photos and video.

We can provide a link to directly connect to services such as Flicker or Shutterfly if you have already made an investment into one of these services.

We also offer SmugMug's standard and premium photo and video display services. The premium service provides for the capability of HD video. Any photo or video can be downloaded by anyone. This makes it convenient to distribute photos and video without having to burn CDs and DVDs.

This service can also be set up to be view only and not allow downloads if desired. In addition any gallery can be configured with a password to make sure only team members are able to access and view competitive imagery.

If the team has multiple photographers we provide specialized access to upload their photos to any gallery.

The standard and premium services provide for the capability to customize the interface with team logos, slideshows, color, and wallpaper.

The standard and premium services provide high performance viewing so there is minimal lag time between selecting a thumbnail to view and when the full size photo appears. These services are optimized based on your individual computer display and Internet performance.

Contact us for more details on how these services can be customized for your team's unique requirements.

If your team captures video we can easily put it on the web and provide secure access when required. If your team captures in high definition you can upload the video to enable viewing of gorgeous, giant HD. The quality of this service is significantly better than YouTube.


Coaches and team members can critique their individual performances online. In addition, the team members can share their experience with family members that are unable to attend the live performances.